How To Bounce Back After A Failed IVF Cycle

The decision to undergo In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) with hopes and dreams of starting a family not only requires financial resources, but the investment of an enormous amount of physical as well as emotional energy. IVF is usually the last measure that a couple resort to for conceive a child, and a failed IVF cycle might be quite disappointing. 

How does one bounce back when an IVF cycle fails? Everyone has their own ways in which they tend to cope with loss or disappointment. Some tend to find the cause of IVF cycle failure, while others tend to focus on the solutions or further course of action. It is important to find a mechanism that works for each one of us because there is no panacea to it.


Following are some of the various coping mechanisms that one could adopt depending on their preferences:

Cognitive Approach

It is important to remember that the success rate of an IVF depends on several factors both internal and external including the age of the couples, the quality of eggs and sperms, quality of physical health of the partners, lifestyle and even external environmental pollutants. It is therefore important to bear these factors in mind, even in case of a failure. 

Additionally, if one is inquisitive about the cause of the failure, talking to an expert/ concerned gynecologist is the only solution that helps eliminate misconceptions. Such a follow-up meeting would also help in assessing the situation for further steps and methods to increase success rates for subsequent IVF cycles.

Psychological Health

A counseling session to clear doubts and seek clarifications to be educated about the procedure and its effect helps relieve anxiety and gain confidence. Visit a therapist should not be perceived in a negative way, sound mental health and emotional being is of paramount importance for pregnancy. A counselor can help one deal with grief, loss, depression, and any other related conditions.


Physical Health

Leading a healthy lifestyle post a failed IVF cycle becomes all the more important. Eating healthy, exercising in moderation, resting well will help in successful embryo transfer in subsequent sessions as one’s body would be in a healthy condition with favorable environments such as nutrition, reduced stress etc. A complete cessation of smoking, alcohol intake, recreational drugs is a must if the one is expecting good results with IVF. Recent research has also indicated that excessive intake of caffeine can have an adverse effect on pregnancy.

Reducing Stress Levels 

It is a cliche to talk about stress. However, in the midst of a pandemic, the situation has changed with new unseen challenges. Therefore, taking all sorts of measures to keep oneself stress-free to an extent possible is also important, but don’t let dealing with stress – stress you! Practicing Yoga, guided meditation, acupuncture or any other stress-relieving techniques can help reduce the stress that gets accumulated over a period of time, especially in today’s working environment. Studies have shown that reducing stress levels have greatly helped women suffering from PCOS and other disorders.

Practical Solutions

In situations where it is impossible to go in for another cycle or continue with IVF, due to poor egg quality, advanced age, or genetic disorders, one could even consider options such as embryo donation or egg donation in consultation with the experts.


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