How Smoking Affects Male and Female Fertility

If you smoke and want to have a child, you should quit before trying to conceive. Best IVF specialist in Bangalore Dr. Shwetha from Janisthaa IVF gives you advice on how to avoid smoking while pregnant.Top of Form

Fertility And Smoking

Most people are aware of the harmful health effects of smoking, such as cancer, emphysema, and heart disease. Smoking has a negative impact on both male and female reproductive health. Everyone needs to know that whether they hope to have a baby soon or later in life, smoking can seriously harm their reproductive system.

Smoking Impact on Male Infertility

Men who smoke may experience fertility issues. It can diminish the quality of sperm, drop the sperm count, alter the sperm’s typical swimming patterns, and cause male sexual impotence (the inability to get or maintain an erection) Smoking (including second hand smoking) can induce sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction, which can influence fertility indirectly.

Smoking Impact on Female Infertility

When compared to women who do not smoke, it takes longer for women to conceive. They have reduced estrogenic levels, which interferes with egg development and maturation. Smoking has been shown to hinder healthy ovulation by injuring the fallopian tubes and lowering ovarian reserve, especially in terms of egg quality and count.

Smoking and pregnancy

Smoking is by far the most preventable cause of pregnant complications and loss. It makes you more likely to:

  1. Miscarriage
  2. Premature birth (where the baby is born before they are fully formed)
  3. Unexpected infant death syndrome (stillbirth)
  4. Ectopic conception.

Every day you go smoke-free during your pregnancy benefits your baby’s health and growth. Stopping before becoming pregnant can help you entirely avoid the risk.

About Women Having IVF Treatment

Best infertility experts in Bangalore Dr.Shwetha of Janisthaa IVF suggests -Women undergoing IVF therapy have a lower success rate when they smoke. This could be related to the fact that smoking causes vascular issues, which make it difficult for the embryo to implant into the uterine wall. Women who are considering IVF treatment should quit smoking before beginning any reproductive therapy.

It is not simple to stop smoking, but it is not impossible either. If you want to start a family, Dr. Shwetha of Janisthaa IVF Centre says it’s not only a good idea but also a must to cut back and eventually quit smoking. It may take a lot of effort and discipline on your part, but nothing compares to the joy you’ll feel the first moment you hold your kid in your arms.

Quit smoking because it is harmful to your health.