Here’s a quick way to treating PCOS

Young women suffering from PCOS is a common syndrome. Studies have revealed that one in five women suffer from PCOS in today’s time in urban areas. PCOS or Polycystic Ovary syndrome is an endocrinal or hormonal disorder that affects women of reproductive ages. The most common correlate of PCOS is infertility in women.

About 70% of ovulatory fertility issues are known to be related to PCOS. The irregular menstrual cycle is the hallmark of this disorder – either the periods are absent for a few months or gets extended i.e, either too frequent or infrequent; it could also be associated with very heavy periods. This causes problems in conception.

PCOS is a complicated condition. For women who still conceive with PCOS, there are higher chances of miscarriages, gestational diabetes, pregnancy-induced blood pressure, preeclampsia, premature delivery etc. Thus, it could be a huge issue for married women for whom the societal pressure to conceive is high. Among youngsters/adolescents, it is often hard to diagnose which gives rise to complications. The condition could affect psychologically affecting self-esteem, self-identity and even lead to anxiety and depression.

Causes and Risks

Causes of PCOS are yet to be ascertained but few factors such as insulin resistance, increased levels of androgens, irregular periods etc are known to be associated with the disorder. Other associated factors have been explained below.

  • With the increased stress in day to day life, the younger generation is prone to several disorders that are known to be risk factors of PCOS. These include Type 2 diabetes, high levels of cholesterol, elevated lipids, metabolic disorders, nonalcoholic fatty liver etc
  • Increased work pressure also does not allow for a regular exercise routine causing obesity, which is highly correlated with PCOS.
  • Other conditions caused by stressful lifestyle such as sleep apnea, depression, anxiety are also associated with PCOS
  • Certain lifestyle practices such as increased alcoholism, smoking, usage of drugs, a sedentary lifestyle, do play a role
  • All of the above factors prevent a healthy lifestyle.

The effects of PCOS sometimes can lead to serious conditions that may last a lifetime and have complications. PCOS and insulin resistance could lead to Type 2 Diabetes (studies have shown that more than half of the women suffering from PCOS could develop Type 2 Diabetes before the age of 40), cardiovascular diseases, metabolic syndrome, endometrial cancer (due to the lining of the uterus becoming too thick) etc


Not to be in vain. Modern technology such as ultrasound and a combination of tests help in analyzing the causes and related issues.  Modern medicine offers custom made treatments for women suffering from PCOS, depending on their condition. Some of the common forms of treatments are:

  • Hormone Pills – These could also include birth control pills for women who do not wish to be pregnant. The hormone pills help in regulating the hormonal cycle, reduce excessive hair growth, acne and chance of endometrial cancer.
  • Fertility Medications – If the women desires attain pregnancy, medications such as FSH and LH medications, Clomid, injectable gonadotrophins etc are used.
  • Fertility Treatments – Apart from medications, fertility treatments such as IVF or combinations could be adopted
  • Weight Loss – as obesity is a risk factor for PCOD, weight loss can help in regulating the menstrual cycle
  • Insulin-sensitizing Drugs – Help in decreasing the high levels of androgen, thereby regulating the menstrual cycle. In simple terms, these are diabetes medications to control the level of insulin
  • Surgery – When all options fail, surgeries are also performed such as ovarian drilling, cyst aspiration, oophorectomy etc.

How Janisthaa is helping women with PCOS

At Janisthaa Fertility Center and Hospital, located at Basaveshwar Nagar, we offer a wide range of treatment for conditions such as PCOS, which is related to fertility, as mentioned above. Women suffering from PCOS for more than 10 years have been able to attain a successful pregnancy.

Under the leadership of Dr Swetha.Y.Baratikkae and other highly skilled and experienced fertility specialists, we have adopted a natural approach of treatment, emphasizing on fewer drugs, injections to ensure reduced side-effects. The emphasis is on making the treatments female-friendly and stress-free.   With 25,000 plus consultations and a 50% success rate, we are all about families and want to help you start one of your own.

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