Vaginal Itching – Causes and Relief

Itching of the vagina, which in scientific terms is known as Vaginitis, is a common problem and nothing to be shy of or worried. Everyone must have faced some sort of itching or inflammation that results in pain and discharge. It could be due to a slight change in the vaginal bacteria. The normal PH levels are supposed to be 4, which is slightly acidic. When this increases to 5 or 5.5, it causes discomfort. Whatever is the case. However, it should never be ignored at any cost.

Causes of a Vaginal Infection can be many. Ranging from infections to the kinds of products that we use for personal hygiene. We could probably classify the causes as internal and external for better understanding. Internal causes are due to change in the fungal and bacterial presence or something from outside that might cause an imbalance in these organisms to cause reactions.  Bacterial Vaginosis is a bacterial infection that usually occurs in women of ages 15 to 44 which causes itching, pain and discharge of mucus. A common cause of bacterial vaginosis is due to soap. A regular soap has a Ph value of 9! If you remember from above, the ideal Ph condition for the vagina is a Ph value of 4 and therefore, soap should never be used internally to wash oneself. Sometimes even taking birth control pills could have caused the itching. The combination of estrogen and progesterone in the pill prevents natural lubrication that occurs when an egg is released. Thereby causing dryness and itching. In a few cases, it is also seen that the partner’s ejacuation can cause allergic reactions. Such instances can only be solved by using an antihistamine (anti-allergy tablets). One might have already guessed by now that even sexually transmitted diseases can cause vaginal itching. Diseases such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, or trichomoniasis do contribute to the cause.


External reasons that might cause irritations have got to do with external objects that when used cause a problem. For example, it is important that we used menstrual products that are of good quality. Reports suggest that scented pads or tampons can cause itchiness. Similarly the latex (rubber) or spermicide (gel or lube) can cause irritations. Continuing with the external products that could harm the vagina are the clothes that we wear, especially the innerwear. Panties made of synthetic fibre that appear smooth or shiny, often cause irritations as they do not absorb sweat. This perspiration that gets collected results in fungal and bacterial infections. So do damp clothes. Other products and Chemicals found in detergents, fabric softeners, feminine sprays, ointments, creams, douches, and contraceptive foams, jellies, or creams could be culprits too

Thus, since there are so many reasons that could lead to infection and irritation, it is extremely important that we be on guard and contact a doctor – a gynaecologist, the moment we observed that something is wrong and is causing discomfort to us. Vaginal issues are not to be dealt with self-medication. The minute one observes any kind of itching, swelling, pelvic pain, foul smelling discharge, green, yellow or grey coloured discharge, foamy or clumpy discharge, medical attention needs to be sought.

Yeast or fungal infections are normally treated with antifungal medications. Bacterial infections with antibiotics. Those caused by birth control pills usually are treated with vaginal moisturizer. But, it should not be used as an ointment or a moisturizer bought off the shelf. Doctor’s prescription is a must when dealing with issues of  private parts for they are sensitive and prone to complications, if left untreated. 

There are a few precautions that one must adopt before going to a doctor for further treatment. These include keeping the vaginal dry and clean. But do not use soap! Cleansing well with normal or cool water is good enough. One could also try a warm and not a hot shower.  As mentioned above, it is important that we choose skin friendly fibre for our innerwear. Although fancy, synthetic fibres alway harm the skin. Therefore, it is advisable to wear cotton made underwears, panty liners and so on. Don’t worry about being a Plain Jane. Being hygienic is more important. Other materials tend to trap sweat and heat. It is also preferable to sleep without wearing underwear to allow the vagina to breathe. Do not apply any fragrances, spray, perfumes or powder to reduce the stench. Use sanitary napkins and not tampons in case of infections. It is also important that one wipes from front to back when using the toilet and not the other way to avoid bruising or irritation to increase. Last but not the least, a healthy balanced diet is a key to everything. Any food with high sugar content should be avoided. Nutrition deficiency which might lead to low immunity can cause yeast infections.


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