Egg Donation Process Explained: What To Expect Before, During, & After

Egg donation is the process where a healthy woman, who has at least one healthy child, and has no diseases like HIV and hepatitis, donates healthy unfertilized eggs for the use of others for assisted pregnancy techniques.

Women often donate eggs, which is beneficial for the intended parents when they cannot produce one. The donors receive financial compensation, gifts and heartfelt love from the intended parents.

The egg donation process is a carefully planned one. There are a lot of myths surrounding egg donation. This article intends to clear up all of your doubts. We discuss what to expect before egg donation, during the procedure and what happens after.

What is egg retrieval?

Egg retrieval is a process by which eggs are removed from a woman’s ovary. These eggs are removed, stored safely, and used for in vitro fertilisation. These eggs are fertilised with sperm to create embryos. Once fertilised, they are transferred to the uterus of the intended mother or the surrogate mother.

What to expect before your egg retrieval procedure

The egg retrieval process involves thorough preparation. A fertility doctor will make multiple appointments for you at the fertility clinic or egg donation agency. You will receive the schedules for the different medications and procedures according to your menstrual cycle.
Tests will also be conducted to determine the number and size of your follicles. The tests will include blood tests and ultrasound scans. Depending upon the results and your menstrual cycle, your doctor will chart your treatment and course of retrieval.

Everyone has a unique egg retrieval timeline. The general conditions required for proper egg retrieval are that the leading follicles should reach an average diameter of 18-20mm, and your estradiol or E2 hormone level should be high.

Once this has happened, you will be instructed to self-administer hCG or human chorionic gonadotropin injection. This is typically taken in the evening. The egg retrieval process is scheduled for 36 hours after administering the injection. This is a very critical part of the timeline. The egg donor is also advised not to take beverages and food after midnight during this period.

Egg retrieval procedure

You will be asked to arrive at a particular time according to your timeline. Make sure you arrive at least half an hour early. The entire procedure takes about 10-30 mins. You will be given general anaesthesia for the procedure. A vaginal ultrasound will be conducted to guide the procedure.

Your doctor will insert a needle with an ultrasound probe attached to the guide after administering the anaesthesia. The fluid inside each follicle is then aspirated, along with the egg that is floating in it. Your embryologist searches for, isolates, and then freezes or fertilised the eggs after this fluid is brought into the lab.

What to expect after your egg retrieval

You will wake up from general anaesthesia 10 to 15 minutes after the egg retrieval, and your dedicated nurse will keep an eye on you in the recovery area. Your nurses can give you painkillers based on how you feel afterwards.

You typically leave within an hour after the procedure or until your anesthesiologist releases you. Your nurse will check on you to ensure everything is okay before you leave and give instructions on what to do when you get home.

After the egg retrieval, you might experience discomfort for a few hours. Take painkillers as needed every four hours to control this. If you experience nausea, it should go away in a few hours.

A few days after the egg retrieval, some donors may experience a slight weight gain typically caused by water retention and other factors. However, call your doctor in any need.

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