To become a mother is a precious gift for a woman. Being a woman, it would be one of the most wished dreams of yours right? Having a baby is normally a natural process pregnancy High-risk. When your due date nears you get admitted and deliver a healthy baby.

However, pregnancy is not always a smooth sail. The moment when you realize it’s won’t be that easy for you; your whole world would shatter altogether. High-risk pregnancy rates are hiking up these days, especially among the urban population due to their lifestyles and health-related issues.

This is an alarming condition wherein your health can be highly affected and can be life-threatening at times. For a high-risk pregnancy, potential risks may impact the health of the mother, baby or both.

It would be ideal and safe for you to get the expert guidance when you are categorized under the high-risk pregnancy. After all, you prefer the best treatment for both mother and baby.

Pregnancy risk varies in different women based on many factors. For some women, the risk of pregnancy would be higher by passing of time. Whereas, in some cases, the complications of high risk would be visible even before they get pregnant.

Every individual pregnancy risk factors vary and ideally, you would need to check your specific reason and consult an expert doctor.

What factors make a pregnancy high risk?

Pregnancy is treated as high risks one due to some of the below reasons:

  • Mother’s Age: – The Age of the mother-to-be plays a vital role in determining whether it can be a high-risk pregnancy or not. Women below 17 years and above 35 years are more prone to have high pregnancy risks with several complications possible during the pregnancy, which can also affect the baby. Sometimes, these risks include miscarriage or other genetic disorders which are more visible after 40 years.
  • Existing Health Issues: If a woman already affected by certain health problems like kidney issues, heart problem, high blood pressure, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and so on.
    If anyone in the family has genetic disorders or when you had any miscarriage issues in the previous pregnancy, the risks are higher for a normal pregnancy. In such cases of health issues, it would be ideal for you to do a consultation with gynaecologist while you plan for a pregnancy.
    This is an important step for a healthy pregnancy. You can be prescribed with medications, run tests and also advice on taking suitable precautions to improve your health and a healthy baby.
  • Being Obese or Overweight: With obesity, getting high blood pressure, stillbirth, neural tube defects and caesarean. As per the findings of NICHD research, risk of heart problems in the new-born baby will be higher about 15% when the mother is obese.
  • Multiple Births: The level of complications would be higher when the women have multiple foetuses like twins or multiples carried in the uterus. Some of such common related pregnancy risks are premature labour, preterm birth, and preeclampsia. Research findings show that over 93% of twins or triplets are given birth at the borderline or before 37 weeks gestation.
  • Pregnancy-related issues: Sometimes the high-risk pregnancy is associated with issues in the pregnancy itself. It may not be related to the health of the mother. Some of the pregnancy-related issues include:
    • Premature labor: This can start before 37 weeks of pregnancy. Even if there are lesser chances to have a preterm birth. Factors like infections or when the cervix is small or if the women had a history of preterm birth, the pregnancy complications are higher.
    • Placenta Previa: This is a problem that happens when the cervix is covered by the placenta. It can lead to major issues like bleeding when there is a contraction issue persisting. If the cervix is still covered by the placenta, the doctor may ask for a caesarean section. So that it can reduce the risks associated with bleeding and save both mother and baby.
    • Fetal problem: Another pregnancy risk can be fetal problem wherein around 2% to 3% of babies can have structural and proper development problems. Such fetal problems can arise from family history or may be due to any other unexpected issues.


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