Is Abortion the Cause of Infertility in Women?

Abortion has been debated for centuries, with strong opinions on both sides. One of the many concerns raised by those who are against abortion is the link between the procedure and infertility in women.

As a leading IVF Center in Basaveshwaranagar, we have insights on this topic. Read on as our experts discuss whether abortion can cause infertility and explore the Indian context.

What is Abortion? What are the Risks Involved?

Abortion is a medical procedure that terminates a pregnancy. It can be performed either surgically or through medication. The risks involved in abortion vary depending on several factors, including the type of procedure, the stage of pregnancy, and the woman’s overall health.

Some of the potential risks associated with abortion include the following:

Bleeding and infection: This can occur from a surgical abortion or a complication from a medical abortion. Severe bleeding or infection can be serious and may require medical attention.

Adverse reaction to anaesthesia: If a woman receives anaesthesia during a surgical abortion, she may have an adverse reaction to it.

Damage to the cervix or uterus: In rare cases, a surgical abortion can cause damage to the cervix or uterus, which can result in infertility, pain during intercourse, or an increased risk of miscarriage in future pregnancies.

Incomplete abortion: This can occur when some of the pregnancy tissue remains in the uterus after an abortion and can result in infection, bleeding, or the need for a repeat procedure.

Psychological impact: Some women may experience emotional distress after an abortion, which can affect their mental health.

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Does Abortion Lead to Infertility? The Medical Evidence

The medical community agrees that a well-performed abortion, whether medical or surgical, does not cause infertility in women. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that the risk of infertility after a well-performed abortion is minimal and can occur in less than 1% of cases.

However, complications during the abortion procedure can lead to infertility. This can include damage to the cervix, uterus, or fallopian tubes, which can cause scarring and blockages that can prevent conception. It’s important to note that these complications can also occur with other gynaecological procedures, not just abortion.

The Link Between Repeat Abortions and Infertility

While a single well-performed abortion is not linked to infertility, repeated abortions can increase the risk of infertility. Repeat abortions can increase the risk of scarring and damage to the reproductive organs, leading to infertility.

In the Indian context, the availability of safe and legal abortion services is limited, leading many women to resort to unsafe procedures. Unsafe abortions performed in unsanitary conditions by untrained practitioners can lead to serious complications, including infertility. This highlights the importance of access to safe and legal abortion services to prevent infertility and other adverse health outcomes.

The Role of Post-Abortion Care

Post-abortion care is crucial to prevent complications and ensure a successful recovery. This includes follow-up visits to monitor for any signs of infection or complications and to ensure that the uterus has returned to its normal size. Women who have had an abortion should also practice safe sex to prevent sexually transmitted infections, which can increase the risk of infertility.

The Psychological Impact of Abortion:

It’s important to acknowledge that while the physical risks of infertility after abortion are minimal, the psychological impact can be significant. Women who have had an abortion may experience guilt, anxiety, or depression, which can impact their mental health and well-being.

Summing Up

Abortion and infertility are complex and sensitive issues that require a thorough understanding of the medical and psychological aspects. While a well-performed abortion does not cause infertility, repeat abortions and unsafe procedures can increase the risk of infertility. It’s important to access safe and legal abortion services and receive proper post-abortion care to minimize the risk of complications and infertility.

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