In the Indian societal context, once a couple is married, they are expected to have children. For some, it might turn out to be a compulsion but for most couples, parenthood is a beautiful dream that they wish to fulfill. To have one’s own offspring, spending time raising them and creating cherished memories is a wonderful fantasy. Everyone’s story is different but worth the wait.  We had a similar fantasy and wanted to convert this dream into a reality.

After many years of marriage and desperately trying to conceive a child, our struggle remained so for a very long period of time. There were many complications with the pregnancy. There is no place of worship that I have not visited and no god that I have not fervently prayed to. Along with spiritual efforts, we also visited half a dozen doctors and tried every other unconventional form of treatment. We even approached one of the well-established government hospitals near to our residence but to no avail. There, we were referred to another infertility treatment center in the vicinity. With great hope, we tried our best and underwent treatment. Alas, the child was not to be ours. The treatment failed and so did our hope. I was afraid my dreams were shattered. I literally gave up on the idea of having a child and completely erased my aspirations. I began treating my sister’s son as my own. 

It was nearly four years after the failed treatment that green shoots began sprouting for us. One of the visits to our regular family physician, Dr. Manche Gowda of Ashwini clinic led to a discussion about conception and it was then that he referred us to Dr. Shwetha of Janisthaa Fertility Clinic & Hospital in Banagalore. We took an appointment and visited the clinic the very day on May 13th. I remember having waited anxiously in the corridors of the clinic for I knew that pregnancy was not a bed of roses but a bumpy ride. Dr. Shwetha patiently heeded to our woes and fixed a Hysteroscopy. By God’s grace, the test impressions indicated no physiological complications. It was on the 15th of July that the Embryo Transfer (ET) was fixed and at last our prayers were answered on 26th of the same month of July, when we received the most awaited news of pregnancy being positive! We continued our treatment, taking medicines timely and monthly checkups without fail. I could hardly contain my joy and eagerly waited for the new member of our family to join us!

After months of treatment and wait, with the help of the Best Fertility Doctor in town, our little angel girl was born! It was even a coincidence that the ward that I stayed in at the Hospital was called Jananya and as per horoscopic requirements, we named our baby girl Janya! ‘J’ tuned out to be our lucky alphabet. Just as Midas’s touch which turned everything into gold, any treatment given by Dr. Shwetha is bound to be successful. The clinic uses world-class, state of the art technology & equipment to ensure the best of results. Similarly, the staff members at Janisthaa are extremely caring and cooperative. We were treated with great compassion and as family members alike. The hospital stays at the hospital. They helped us make our dream come true. I would strongly recommend Janisthaa to anyone who wants to make their dream of parenthood come true.



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