Precautions You Should Take After a Failed IVF Process

IVF is one of the world’s most popular and commonly used assisted reproductive techniques. Around 5% of couples struggling to conceive naturally opt for IVF. And if that looks like a small number, several reasons – such as expense, lack of knowledge, inhibitions, lack of qualified doctors, etc. – deter couples from taking the IVF route. Another reason why many couples step back is the chances of IVF failure.

As the best IVF centre in Bangalore, we routinely encounter and address these fears and worries in our patients. We bring our knowledge and expertise to you as we shed light on the issue of failed IVF and what could be the next steps. Keep reading!

Failed IVF: The Truth & What You Can Do

As much as IVF is a beacon of hope for millions worldwide battling fertility issues, it has a 55-57% global success rate. This means that there are going to be quite a lot of cases where IVF is not successful.

A failed IVF process is disheartening. After investing a lot emotionally and financially, failure can come as a blow. However, IVF success is not a matter of luck. It’s often closely related to your physical health, habits, and lifestyle. And you CAN change the outcome of your IVF process by being mindful of these aspects and preparing beforehand. To know how you can do it, read this blog where we talk about seven ways to increase your chances of success with IVF.

However, what to do in the aftermath of a failed IVF? Here are some valuable tips from our leading specialist, Dr Shwetha, who is also considered the best IVF doctor in Bangalore.

1. Understand why it happened

There are a lot of factors that go into the making of a successful IVF cycle. It might be the health of the egg or sperm or even the bodily conditions. Understanding what went wrong in the failed attempt can give the couple a sense of control over what to do next. Knowing what to do and moving with caution can increase the chances of success.

2. Discuss with your doctor about the next IVF cycle

An IVF cycle failing can be a distressing time for the couple. There is a lot of emotional unrest to deal with. As much as one would want to waste no time and try again, your doctor may advise you to take some time off, engage in things you like, and find soothing before attempting a second time. This will help you recuperate mentally and physically and prepare for another cycle.

3. Detailed consultation with your doctor

If you failed once in your IVF, it does not mean you cannot have a successful IVF. In fact, before trying for a second time, you must consult your doctor and discuss all the related factors. Your doctor may run tests to find what can be improved to improve the chances of success.

4. Take care of your mental health

Failing an IVF can be traumatising for many people. It can lead to periods of disappointment and, in some cases, even depression. You must take care of your mental health as much as your physical health. Building resilience and empowering your mind to take up another journey is essential. It is also crucial that you do not fall victim to fads and people who take advantage of your desperation to try bogus alternative options.

5. Take account of authentic alternatives

If you have had multiple failed IVFs, your doctor might suggest you seek alternative methods to conceive. Make sure you want to go with the alternative rather than operating on the emotions that come with failure. Consult with your doctor and ensure the choice you have taken is authentic.

6. Nurture your bonds

A failed IVF can come with a lot of emotional baggage. The grief can send couples into building walls between them. The couple must be there for each other and ensure their relationships are stronger than ever. With further treatment on the charts, you must be able to find strength in each other.

7. Find the best IVF clinic

The clinic you choose also plays a significant role in the success of your cycle. The approach the staff has, the type of equipment used, the medical techniques and the expertise of the doctors all come into play when determining the success of an IVF. Make sure you pick an IVF centre with the best of all of these and the maximum chance of success. Janisthaa is one such clinic with the best IVF doctors in Bangalore.

IVF Failure Isn’t the End of the Road

An IVF has an almost equal chance of failing as it has of success. You must consider the chances of failure when preparing for the IVF journey. However, one failed IVF doesn’t mean all hope is lost. Multiple failed IVFs are also not a reason to lose hope. There are alternatives that can work better in some cases.

You can also significantly improve your chances by choosing Janisthaa IVF and Fertility Centre for your IVF. With a better success outcome rate, we offer state-of-the-art facilities and the expertise of experienced gynaecologists and specialists. As one of the best IVF centres in Bangalore, we offer you all the care and guidance you need to navigate the IVF journey.

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