Breast Cancer During Pregnancy and How Does Breast Cancer Affect the Body

  • Getting pregnant doesn’t cause the cancer growth, in spite of the fact that the changes in hormones from the pregnancy can cause the already existing breast cancer grow faster.
  • Your breasts thicken while you’re expecting, and that can make it difficult to spot little masses or knots. Along these lines,breast cancer tumors are frequently bigger and further developed when they’re noticed.
  • In the event that you have any of the side effects of breast cancer, your GP (nearby specialist) will complete an assessment and choose whether to refer you to a breast clinic for further tests. Having breast cancer during pregnancy or in the initial couple of months after your baby is conceived is once in a while called pregnancy-related breast cancer.
  • A mammogram is considered as genuinely safe during pregnancy, yet it may not be as useful in light of the increased thickness of the breasts. A three dimensional mammogram might be a good alternative.

Is it safe to continue pregnancy if you have breast cancer?

  • Ending the pregnancy isn’t typically prescribed when breast cancer is diagnosed. Most women will proceed with their pregnancy while having breast cancer treatment. Be that as it may, a few women decide not to. The choice to end a pregnancy is a personal one. It very well may be made uniquely by you, or you and your partner that you make them pursue a discussion with your specialist team and obstetrician.
  • There’s no proof to suggest a termination will improve the outcome for women diagnosed with breast cancer. In any case, an end might be talked about if chemotherapy is suggested during the first trimester. Whatever you choose, it’s imperative to take time to make the right choice for you.


Can breast cancer affect the baby?

  • There’s no proof that having breast cancer during pregnancy influences your child’s development in the womb. You can’t pass cancer on to your infant and there’s no proof that your baby will create disease in later life because of you having breast cancer while pregnant.

Treatment during pregnancy and after the birth

  • In case you’re diagnosed to have breast cancer during pregnancy you will typically have the option to have compelling treatment for your breast cancer and it shouldn’t influence your infant’s development.
  • Your doctor will ensure you get the best treatment for your breast cancer while while also considering the effect on your baby.
  • Generally the treatment you’re offered during pregnancy will rely upon how far you are into your pregnancy when your breast cancer is diagnosed, the sort and degree of your breast cancer and your individual conditions.


  • Surgery can safely be possible during all trimesters of pregnancy. You might be offered a decision among mastectomy and breast-conserving surgery. During the first trimester of pregnancy you’re bound to be offered a mastectomy. This is on the grounds that not all ladies who have a mastectomy need radiotherapy though radiotherapy is typically required after breast-conserving surgery. Radiotherapy is commonly not suggested whenever during pregnancy in view of the risk of radiation to the child.
  • In case you’re diagnosed in your second trimester and will have chemotherapy after your surgery, breast-conserving surgery may also be viewed as an alternative. This is on the grounds that radiotherapy will be given after your chemotherapy treatment has completed, and after your baby has been conceived.
  • If you are in your third trimester, breast-conserving surgery might be viewed as a choice as radiotherapy would then be able to be given after the child is conceived.
  • Whichever kind of surgery you have, it will include having a general anaesthetic. This is generally considered safe while you are pregnant although there’s a very slight risk of miscarriage in early pregnancy.

Giving Birth during Breast Cancer

  • If you have breast cancer, when you have your baby will rely upon the treatment you need and your normal due date. Numerous ladies diagnosed during pregnancy proceed to finish the full term of their pregnancy and don’t encounter any issues during labor in light of their treatment for breast cancer.
  • If your child is probably going to be brought into the world early you’ll be offered a course of steroid injections to help with your infant’s development and lessen the opportunity of the infant creating breathing issues.

Breastfeeding if you have breast cancer

  • Many doctors recommend that women who are going to be treated for breast cancer should stop (or not begin) breastfeeding. There is no proof that not having the option to breastfeed will influence your capacity to bond with or care for your infant. Your midwife  will have the option to help you during this time.
  • Breastfeeding might be feasible for certain ladies after surgery in the event that they needn’t bother with chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone treatment or focused on treatment.


  • If you aren’t having any medication you can breastfeed from the other (non-treated) breast. Many ladies can create milk from the treated breast, the quantity of milk is regularly decreased. Breastfeeding from a breast recently presented to radiotherapy can cause mastitis (infection) and this can be hard to treat.

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