Brown Discharge in Early Pregnancy? Is It Normal?

Pregnancy is when you get extra careful about everything that happens in your body. There are many changes, and each one can be as perplexing as the next. One such instance is when there is a brown discharge during early pregnancy.

In this blog, we get to the bottom of possible causes of a brown discharge during early pregnancy.

Discharge During Pregnancy

A healthy discharge looks like a thin, clear or white substance that the vagina excretes. It is a healthy and normal function of the vagina and should not be a cause for concern. However, during pregnancy, there may be variations to this discharge, which has a different meaning at different stages of the pregnancy.

Blood turns brown when it comes in contact with air due to oxidation. During pregnancy, the brown discharge is usually oxidised blood mixed with the vaginal mucous. Issues of light infection pH changes or cervical dilations can cause a brown discharge during pregnancy. However, in early pregnancy, they can be small amounts of light-coloured discharge which can be red or brown. The reasons for brown discharge in early pregnancy are not necessarily worrying. Here are some of the reasons for such discharge during early pregnancy.

Early pregnancy

Brown discharge in early pregnancy is not uncommon; most women report spotting during the first trimester. While this is nothing to worry about, you can always construct consult your gynaecologist, who may prescribe a few tests to ensure there is no danger to the mother and child you will also get peace of mind

Implantation bleeding

Early in your pregnancy, you’re very light to find spotting around week 4. This is called implantation bleeding due to the fertilised embryo being burrowed into the highly vascular lining of your uterus. This is very common and nothing to worry about.

Hormonal changes

During pregnancy, your body goes through a tremendous amount of hormonal changes. This can increase the blood flow into your reproductive system. Such hormonal changes can make the cervix especially sensitive in certain women. Even slight irritation to the cervix can cause brown discharge during pregnancy. Engaging in sexual intercourse, using sex toys, or even a pelvic exam may cause such discharge. This is also nothing to be worried about.

Unknown reasons

Although the above-mentioned symptoms occur in women, some bleeding does not have any specific cause. Women bleed during the first trimester, but there has been no substantial reason behind it. This group of reasons are classified as unknown reasons. Doctors speculate that it may be due to a lack of development in the placenta but cannot pinpoint the exact reasons

Know More About Your Pregnancy

The time of pregnancy can be a period of immense happiness and confusion. Going through such tremendous changes can leave you flustered and in a lot of doubt. Reach out to an expert like Jaanistha IVF and Fertility Centre, where our expert OB-GYNs walk you through everything you need to know about your pregnancy. Reach out to us today for a consultation.

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