5 Ways To Keep Your Marriage Strong During Infertility Treatment

Nobody said going through fertility treatments was easy, and you may have even anticipated it would take its toll on your marriage. Even so, most couples think they’ll be different, that their relationship is more than able to weather the trail of failed pregnancy tests, ridiculous mood-swings related to hormone surges, timed sex and sex on demand, tears, stress, heartache – – whew! It’s a lot for any couple to handle and nobody knows what it will really be like until they are actually in the swirl of things.

5 Ways For You and Your Partner to Stay Strong Together During IVF Treatments

1. Never stop communicating

It’s important that the two of you have a completely open and honest communication pathway. There will be ups and downs, insecurities, and anger, there may even be a little blame or guilt. It’s important that you are honest with each other about where you are at. Trying to fake it may work once in a while to lighten a mood, but it can be the downfall of your intimacy and trust over the longer haul. If talking is difficult, create a private blog/journal/email chain where you can write back and forth but remember that face-to-face communication is always best. You may want to consider working with a therapist.

2. Start working together on lifestyle improvements

 Odds are that there are a few areas where your lifestyle could be improved. This is even more pertinent for those who are trying to conceive since the food you eat, household chemicals, and seemingly innocuous items around your home may contribute to your infertility. Make this a time to band together in an effort to eat better, drink more water, exercise regularly (but don’t overdo it!), ditch unhealthy habits once and for all (smoking!), and start replacing potentially harmful items around the home.


3. Take a break once in a while

 Take a little break in between treatments so you and your couple-hood can enjoy a few months without the constant pressure of conception in the forefront of your daily lives. And that brings us to number 4…

4. Find ways to keep the romance alive

 It’s so difficult to keep chemistry and romance alive when the timing is everything in biological reproduction. Make sure you touch each other more, as you pass from the living room couch to the kitchen, hugs and kisses hello and goodbye, a playful pat on the rump –try to focus on the little intimate gestures that have nothing to do with making a baby and everything to do with honoring one another. Make lists of things you would like to do with one another and then try to cross a few items off the list. Start while you’re taking and break and it may be easier to continue once you begin your next round of treatment.


5. Find ways to show appreciation

There can be times where the guy feels like one huge penis full of sperm and the woman feels like a giant ovum – as if the rest of their amazing character traits and strengths have fallen by the wayside and no longer matter. Focus on ways you can appreciate each other for what each of you brings to the table – things that are completely unrelated to baby-making. This can be as simple as unloading the dishwasher, tucking a thank you note into a sock drawer, or blowing the budget every once in a while for a special dinner out.

The more you can work to strengthen your relationship before the baby comes, the easier it will be when your newborn cry starts up for the seventh time in three hours and it’s only 4 a.m.…

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