Twin Pregnancy With IVF?

As indicated by the Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority (HEFA), one out of five pregnancies may bring about different births with IVF. This is normally in light of the fact that during IVF different multiple embryos might be embedded into your uterus to expand the chances of pregnancy. This occasionally prompts the implantation of more than one embryos on the uterine coating, causing a twin pregnancy.

However, it is conceivable to have twins even with one embryo, where one egg can part to shape two zygotes. These are called monozygotic twins. Dizygotic twins, then again, are an aftereffect of two separate eggs. This can happen when at least two embryos are moved into your uterus.

Will IVF increase the chances of having Twins?

If you need to realize the response to would you be able to have identical twins with IVF, the appropriate response is yes. This is valid in the event that you have your embryos transferred after the blastocyst stage. In any case, no explanation has been identified for this.

Women pregnant with twins can hope to encounter certain pregnancy symptoms sooner than women with single pregnancies. Some of them include:

1. High hCG Levels

High hCG levels  show there can be a twin pregnancy.

2. Early Positive Result

If your pregnancy test is certain even before you miss your period, by then it might be a sign of a twin pregnancy. A pregnancy test shows the level of hCG, which is ordinarily high by virtue of twin pregnancies as it is crucial for the sustenance of the pregnancy.

3. Gaining weight

If you have put on extra weight, which is more than the ordinary increment in weight during pregnancy, you might be having twins.

4. Round Ligaments Pain

Round ligament pain is the throbbing pain in the lower belly and is generally experienced about the third trimester. In any case, if you are headed to having twins, you may have this agony as right on time as in the subsequent trimester.

5. The Rapid Growth of the Uterus

In case there is more than ordinary increment in your stomach length, it could imply that your uterus is making space for various infants.

6. AFP Test Results

An AFP test quantifies the levels of fetal proteins. If consequences of your AFP test are high, at that point it could be one of the main signs of a twin pregnancy.


IVF Twin Pregnancy and its risks

Twin pregnancy with IVF is normally not suggested by a specialist as it could represent a great deal of risks to both the mother and the infant.

A part of the risk of a twin or various pregnancies to a mother are mentioned below:

  •  Cesarean Section

Twin pregnancies can also build the requirement for a C-session during delivery. This could cause a higher chance of discharging during delivery and after delivery too. C-sessions also have a more drawn out longer recovery time compared to vaginal birth.

  • Premature Birth

Around 60 percent of the twins are conceived prematurely, and 12 percent are conceived before 32 weeks. This can build clinical complexities for the child and may even be lethal in the worst scenarios.

  • Low Birth Weight

Over half of the twins are brought into the world with a weight under 2.5 kg and twins conceived before 32 weeks weigh under 1.6 kg during childbirth. Vision, hearing, breathing, heart issues, just as cerebral paralysis, are the whole issues that might be experienced.

  • Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS)

Identical twins that share a placenta may have TTTS, which makes one twin have an abundance blood stream and the other its absence. This case happens in around 10 percent of the twin pregnancies


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