Do’s and Don’ts to Ensure a Healthy IVF Pregnancy

  • ccording to ICMART, over 8 billion babies have been born through IVF worldwide as of last year since 1978 and the average success rates worldwide are said to be 30% to 35%.

 Do these numbers look promising?

  • A lot of fertility clinics claim to have higher success rates without much evidence or scientific backing leading to disappointments. Thus, success with assisted reproductive techniques is not always a hundred per cent assured.
  • A lot of factors play a role in conceiving through IVF and it becomes important to take several precautions to ensure that the procedure is successful.
  • IVF(In Vitro Fertilisation)is performed after trying several methods of treatment and after all else have failed. As it is a long drawn process, the monetary investment is also pretty high and could turn to be an expensive affair depending on the number of times that a couple opts to employ the procedure in case of failures.
  • Not only does it take a toll money-wise, but it also affects one psychologically. After all, it is the desire and life-long hope of being parents that drives people to opt for infertility treatments This calls for some caution and efforts by the expectant parents to safeguard a healthy IVF pregnancy.

Given below are a few things to be kept in mind and practiced:

  • Healthy Lifestyle: Eating healthy, exercising in moderation, resting well help in successful embryo transfer as the body is in good condition with a favorable environment such as nutrition, reduced stress etc.
  • Less intake of High Glycemic Index Foods: Glycemic index refers to the extent to which food is easily digested. Processed foods and sugar have higher GI whereas food items such as whole grains, sweet potato, legumes, broccoli, mushrooms etc. have a low GI, digesting food slowly and proving nutrition and energy to the body throughout the day. Choosing low GI also helps in fighting cravings and unnecessary intake of food. it helps keep the body weight in check
  • Cut down on Unhealthy Habits: A complete cessation of smoking, alcohol intake, recreational drugs is a must if the one is expecting good results with conception


  • Reduced Intake of Caffeine: Recent research has also indicated that excessive intake of caffeine can have an adverse effect on pregnancy
  • Reduce Stress Levels: Taking all sorts of measures to keep oneself stress-free is also important. Practicing Yoga, a spa treatment or acupuncture etc. can help reduce the stress that gets accumulated over a period of time, especially in today’s working environment. Studies have shown that reducing stress levels have greatly helped women suffering from PCOS
  • Visit a Therapist: A counseling session to clear doubts and seek clarifications to be educated about the procedure and its effect helps relieve anxiety and helps gain confidence. Visit a therapist should not be perceived in a negative way at any cost as sound mental health during pregnancy is paramount.
  • When one identifies that the sources of stress are beyond external causes, making changes in lifestyle, identifying and working on behavioral changes if required can also help. This could again be carried out with the help of a professional
  • Although the above recommendations apply to men as well. Additionally, men could contribute by augmenting sperm count before the treatment by refraining from sexual intercourse and masturbation 3-4 days before the treatment.


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