How to Prepare Yourself for a Successful IVF Treatment

Raising a family is considered a natural process for couples. Unfortunately, a large percentage of people find it difficult to conceive naturally. But thanks to modern science, different techniques assist conception and pregnancy. One such popular technique is IVF or In-Vitro Fertilisation.

If you’re planning for an IVF treatment in Bangalore and wish to know how you can get the best outcomes from the procedure, this blog is for you.

Prepare for Successful IVF With Tips from the Best Infertility Doctors in Bangalore

Today, IVF is considered the most effective artificial reproductive technique worldwide. But here’s a disclaimer: It’s not a surefire process for every couple. The latest studies show a success rate of 50% of IVF procedures in women under 35. A 50% chance suggests that one in two women can successfully give birth via IVF. It also means that there is a 50% chance of failure.

IVF is a delicate procedure. It involves care and some amount of calculation to succeed. One can increase the likelihood of success by preparing ahead of time. As one of the best infertility hospitals in Bangalore, we are trusted for our track record of success with IVF.

Here’s what our infertility doctors in Bangalore recommend to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy with IVF.

Consider the Age

As we stated above, one of the deciding factors of IVF success is the couple’s age. It is a fact that the quality of the sperm and oocytes reduce over time. The right age to have maximum success is below 35 years. So, keep this in mind before embarking on your infertility treatment.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

For those considering IVF and with a BMI of 30 or higher, reducing weight might significantly improve their chances of success with the procedure. While there are studies to back this up, in our experience and observation, being chronically underweight also negatively impacts the success rates of IVF. The reason is unhealthy weight often directly correlates with hormonal imbalance. Therefore, a key success factor is keeping a steady and healthy weight before and during your IVF treatment in Bangalore.

Avoid Smoking and Drinking

Studies have found that alcohol consumption by the father or mother during IVF can negatively impact the outcome of the IVF procedure. Smoking is also shown to reduce the success rates of IVF, according to another study. Hence both partners must stop alcohol and cigarette consumption as soon as possible to increase the chance of success for IVF treatment.

Adopt a Nutritious Diet

Including the right food in your diet benefits your overall health and increases your chances of success with IVF. Scientific studies have found that IVF fertility rates are better with a diet that includes whole grains, fruits, vegetables, plant-based proteins, fish, and monounsaturated fat sources like nuts and seeds.

Consulting a dietician to chart the best diet for your body is a great place to start. Be it for lowering your weight or gaining weight to hit the ideal number. Your dietician can also suggest foods that are especially good for your reproductive health.

Take Care of Your Mental Health

The mental health of the couple is as important as physical health. Difficulties in conception itself are a source of stress and anxiety. Coupled with thoughts about the chances of success of the IVF procedure can also cause unreasonable stress in both partners. This can, in turn, affect reproductive health. Being aware of the different aspects of IVF, finding support groups with couples who go through similar situations, support from friends and family, etc can provide relief and greater mental peace for the couples.

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Awareness of IVF Treatment, Bangalore

The chances of a successful IVF procedure are higher if the couple is aware of the different factors that affect the procedure. Our reputed infertility doctors in Bangalore are committed to providing you with the best treatment and support. At the same time, the couple must practice a lifestyle conducive to IVF success.

For more information and help with your infertility journey, visit our infertility hospital in Bangalore or give us a call today!