When is IVF the Best Option for you?

Introduction –

Many factors can cause a delay or uncertainty in conceiving. Infertility can occur both in male and female spouses. The research found that there has been a massive increase in the number of couples having infertility issues for ages. If they want to start a healthy family through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), they can discuss this with doctors like Doctor Shwetha of Janisthaa IVF, Basaveshwaranagar, Bangalore.

Some of the best infertility clinics in Bangalore have experienced doctors and experts who provide the best result in IVF treatment. IVF is a medical procedure where doctors fertilize the eggs outside the female body with the male sperm, giving the baby seedling, called the embryo. This article provides patients and couples with the idea of when they need to approach IVF treatment.

What is IVF?

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a procedure where experts and doctors combine the egg with sperm in vitro (outside the female body) for fertilization. The technique involves monitoring and nurturing the female’s ovulatory process, removing an ova or ovum from the ovaries, and giving the sperms to fertilize them in a culture medium in the laboratories. The fertilized embryo is either transferred or frozen in the patient’s uterus or womb, which might successfully result in pregnancy.

Statistical research found that more than ten million infants have been born using IVF treatment. It implies the success rate of IVF worldwide. All a patient need is to undergo IVF treatment under the surveillance of the best IVF doctors and experts. Janisthaa IVF is one of the best infertility clinics in Bangalore that guides patients and couples through the different procedures and help them with procedures of how to benefit from IVF.

Why does an infertile couple choose IVF?

With the help of IVF, a patient can have several benefits for a successful pregnancy. Doctor Shwetha of Janisthaa IVF, Bangalore, is an expert in infertility treatments. Her hospital provides patients with compassionate, care, patient-centered service and research-based first-class supervision.

Following are some reasons to choose IVF for a successful pregnancy –

1. Success Rate

Some of the best infertility clinics in Bangalore, like Janisthaa IVF have doctors and experts who help successfully provide almost every patient and couple with positive pregnancy results. IVF is a glimmer of hope for every patient undergoing this infertility treatment who wants a successful pregnancy. The infertility treatment of these patients by undergoing IVF has cleared their problems regarding conception. IVF clinics like Janisthaa IVF has many experts and medical staff, including Doctor Shwetha, having many years of experience.

2. Cure Infertility for both Male and Female

Doctors use the IVF treatment to guide both males and females experiencing infertility issues. Females with either blocked, missing, or damaged fallopian tubes are one of the first patients to undergo In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Males with unknown and known infertility issues have also benefitted from IVF treatments. The fertility experts and staff of Janisthaa IVF are devoted to offering their patients quality care and support to overcome fertility issues.

3. Higher Possibilities of Conception

IVF and Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) have remarkably increased the number of successful conceptions, even if there is an issue regarding infertility in either males or females. Moreover, IVF helps patients conceive more quickly and at the right time, and so many patients turn to IVF when no other infertility treatments bring successful results. The Janisthaa IVF has reached over thousands of successful pregnancies.

4. Chances for Pregnancies Anytime

The development and onset of Medical Science have made any impossible possible. Through IVF, couples do not need to try several years with the natural process of conceiving without any success. Overcoming the infertility factors, IVF brings such patients to a solution of having a baby.

Moreover, IVF is cost-effective, and Doctor Shwetha from Janisthaa IVF clinic (one of the best infertility clinics in Bangalore), suggests her patients with IVF procedures for a successful pregnancy. IVF has a high success rate causing it to be an ideal infertility treatment. However, a well-established IVF center, like Janisthaa IVF, Basaveshwaranagar, Bangalore, offers the best environment for treating infertility and patient-centered care service to couples undergoing various issues associated with conception and infertility.

Couples facing the following problems can go for IVF treatment –

  • Male spouse producing semen with low sperm count
  • Females having a blockage in their fallopian tubes
  • To avoid passing genetic disorders to their baby
  • Endometriosis
  • Prolonged Infertility

Some Important Benefits of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) –

1. IVF is the only solution when other treatments fail. Before deciding to go through IVF treatment, patients often undergo other infertility treatments, fertility medications, and intrauterine insemination. But it does not give positive solutions regarding a successful pregnancy. Doctors, however, diagnose such infertile patients with their fertility issues and suggest IVF so that they do not need to waste their valuable time and money on other uncertain fertility treatments that are less potential to work.

2. In Vitro Fertilization is available for any infertile patient. In Vitro fertilization is not limited to the mother of the baby. Any gestational or surrogate mother can use this treatment so that a range of females can become parents and experience the pregnancy, giving birth to a healthy baby. Patients can consult Doctor Shwetha of Janisthaa IVF in Bangalore, before undergoing the treatment for better knowledge.

3. Through IVF, any male or female can donate their eggs or sperm when required. Generally, fertility experts like Doctor Shwetha (Janisthaa) recommend their patients to use donated eggs or sperms for a fast and sure pregnancy result. In such cases, they fertilize the egg manually in the laboratory to produce the embryo. They then use this embryo in the IVF procedure for a successful pregnancy.

4. Couples focusing on their careers or having a different lifestyle find easy solutions for their pregnancy through IVF. Many patients might think or feel that the baby’s birth may bring changes or affect careers at any period of their life. IVF benefits such patients by offering more overall control. They can preserve eggs or embryos for future use. When they want to get pregnant, they can prefer a suitable period in their life and use the IVF procedures.

5. When couples wish for their dream child, they can fulfill the wish by proceeding with IVF treatment to give birth to a healthy child. IVF increases the chances of giving birth to a healthy baby. The best infertility Hospital in Bangalore help patients with Genetic screening, a powerful technology that assures that the baby is born healthy. Every couple wants a healthy generation with the birth of a healthy baby. The IVF, with its other procedures, gives the highest success rates in pregnancies and patients give birth to healthy babies under the surveillance of the best IVF doctors like Doctor Shwetha (Janisthaa).

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Conclusion –

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is one of the most successful treatments for curing infertility. Bangalore is a hub for some of the best infertility clinics like Janisthaa IVF that guides patient in finding an easy and efficient solution undergoing IVF.