As much as the desire to have a child and seeing that dream come true is exciting, what is also important for the expectant parents, is to be wise about birthing plans. A Natural Birth plan comprises preferences that a person has with regards to the type of delivery that they want, the position that they would like to give birth in, the kind of pain relief to be administered, and so on. This is drawn up in consultation with the concerned gynecologist, that one is regularly in touch with. 

At times, parents have a say in birth plans, while at other times, they may due to circumstances accept suggestions from medical professionals based on the health conditions of both the mother and the child. It might also be beneficial to talk to other mothers who are family or friends about their experiences, discuss with your partner the kind of support that you might need.

As known, deliveries are of two types:

Natural birth or vaginal birth and surgical birth by Caesarean section. The term natural birth has been used to mean childbirth without any form of medication, including for pain management. This is often done through relaxation techniques such as massages, hot baths, birthing balls, acupressure, and controlled breathing techniques. No medication is used to induce pain. The cervix dilates naturally and might result in labor prolonging for longer durations.

A C-section or a Caesarean delivery is a surgical procedure that is used to deliver the baby through incisions in the abdomen and uterus. A C-section can be planned in advance or as labour sets in. A doctor might suggest C-section if the labour is not progressing i/e, cervix not dilating, despite several long hours of strong contractions, if the baby is in distress or in an abnormal position (breech or transverse positions) or the umbilical cord slips through the cervix (prolapsed umbilical cord). C-section is usually employed when there are multiple births. Other health concerns including diabetes, high blood pressure, genital herpes or a fibroid obstructing the birth canal or having had a C-section previously can also result in planning for a caesarean birth


Listed below are indicative positives and negatives of both kinds of birth processes: 

Pros of Natural Birth 

  • Shorter hospital stay and easier recovery time 
  • Avoids surgical complications such as bleeding, scarring, infections, reactions to anesthesia, and long-lasting pain 
  • Faster breastfeeding post-delivery as the recovery process is quicker 
  • It is also reported that babies receive bacteria as they move out of the birth canal, which helps boost the immune system

Cons of Natural Birth 

  • Can be a long process and a hard task for few mothers 
  • At times, it leads to skin and tissue tearing around the vagina. Stitches could cause weakness or injury to pelvic muscles and result in urinary incontinence
  • Best suited for only those with low-pregnancy risk. High-risk pregnancies i.e, expectant mothers above 35 years of age, history of drug abuse, medical conditions, carrying more than one fetus, or in cases of complications, natural birth is not preferred.

Pros of Cesarean Birth 

  • Helps avoid labor pain 
  • Avoid complications that might result from a vaginal birth as there is medical support when required 

Cons of Cesarean Birth 

  • Pain medication could affect labor in terms of speeding it up or slowing the process. Other side effects include lowering blood pressure, nausea, etc 
  • Some of the common problems include infection of the lining of the uterus (endometritis), reactions to anesthesia, or wound infections due to the incision. Rare instances of surgical injury are also a possibility. 
  • Postpartum hemorrhage – heavy bleeding during and after delivery or blood clots in legs or pelvic organs 
  • Women who often opt for multiple C-sections in subsequent deliveries suffer from an increased risk of placental problems, heavy bleeding which might also result in hysterectomy (removal of the uterus). 
  • Problems to the baby include breathing problems during the first few days after birth or rare instances of surgical injuries


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